The Major Change

Rolling down in the Autumn time leaves chasing you down the hill, with this crafty vibe, nothing could go wrong. I’m twelve years old and never have loved going outside. It was going to be the first time it felt like a small breeze with a cinnamon taste of the bakery, I could smell the oil of the streets and the smoke of the cars it made me feel happy inside. I was walking to the top of the castle to feel the fresh air once again. I started to get wobbly, BANG!!! I hit the white ground down I went, never to be seen.

Book Reading Summary

Chapter 10

The girls Hannah Taliak and Abbey were in such shock when they found out that abbeys sheep Poppet was attacked by a dog. The vet was stitching the sheep up when they went to go and look at Poppet. Poppet had two little lambs that had to be bottle fed until Poppet was better and all the medicine wearied off. The girls were determined to find what had injured Poppet, they looked through the bloody wool and found a black and white piece of fur, the dog they saw that tried to hurt bedazzle Hannah’s horse was a black and white boarder collie.

Book Reading Summary

Abbey, Taluka, and Hannah stayed up till sunrise the next morning because the girls couldn’t get to sleep, they ended up whispering and having a mini midnight feast that Taluka mum brought just incase she didn’t like the other food the next morning all three girls tried to catch there sheep, that they have to look after for the year. One of the girls thought she was a pro but ended up getting circled and rammed over by all the sheep, the teacher laughed then put them into the thin race were the girls could choose their sheep better and put the ribbon on. Abbey picked the ewe that had baby twins.

Overgrown Understanding

Walking with as much caution as a mouse in a cat pen, I creeped slowly towards the overgrown bee. I wasn’t the first one there though. Two men in leather white suits where standing around the overgrown bee one with a camera flashing every two seconds and one poking the overgrown bee with a stick. I walked over to the two guys sat down and watched them inspect and proceed to examine. Many hours later I started to understand what they were doing it was interesting it was not very cumin except one part the part they had the camera.


Book Reading Summary

The three girls Abbey Taliak and Hannah now are all getting used to each other, they got shown around the yards and got their jobs allocated to them. They then got called to have dinner and sat down. Abbey mad a slightly rude comment about the head master, about one of the rumor’s that had been going round that afternoon, the head master turned around faster then a whip and death stared Abbey, Hannah and Taliak laughed. Hannah’s sister Elizabeth grabbed Hannah and told her that Abbey and Taliak were bad Influences.

The Run Away Dinosaur

Running past houses, jumping over benches, leaping into the pines I was chasing my baby dinosaur. She was running into this cave, obviously the cave that I got the egg that she hatched out from. She ran into the cave tuned around exhausted and breathing hard, she simply raised her fists and said, “take me on go on take me on you think you can steal from my family take me on”. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you she can talk. “What steal you from your family that is impossible I would never do that. “Katie wake up time for school”, turned out it was just a dream.

Book Reading Summary

Chapter 1, there is three main characters Talkia Abbey and Hannah they are three girls attending willow vale boarding school and are all doing the vet cadets course. Two of the girls Talkia and Hannah have very rich and posh families unlike Hannah who rides dirt bikes and loves cars. There was an odd number at the boarding school so the three girls got put in a bigger dorm that has its own bathroom.


The technic that I saw was description, the author really descripted how the parents and siblings placed and decorated the dorm and how they reacted to when the other families came into the room.