Karen vs The museum Keeper

“How are they all stuck together” said a young girl.

“Where did you get them from” said another little girl.

“Did you have to dig for them” said a little boy.

“So many questions yet i can’t answer them for you” replied the museum keeper.

“You work at the museum you should know the answer to all of these questions, I’m going to go and talk to the manager and get you fired” screamed Karen in front of all the kids.

“No, no please don’t do that i need this job to pay rent, please no” begged the museum keeper.


Calendar, Sticky, White, Minuscule, Washing

“Mum what’s the date”

“I don’t know check the calendar.” my mum replied with tiredness.

“Ok whatever.”

I was not even slightly feeling good enough to go to school. To be entirely honest I was in the mood to be able to pull a sicky.

“Cough, Cough”

“Are you ok honey.” My mum said to my surprise.

I had a minuscule feeling to tell the truth but I knew I had to continue with the sicky.

“If your to sick then you will have to stay home and do the washing”

What do I do?

“I’ll be right to go to school, don’t worry.”

The Auction (P2)

On the 19th of October there was an auction held. It was held for the old museum down in California. Millions of people came but, none of the people were from California, none of the people were even from the area. To my great shock they were all from Australia. Your most likely now thinking, why would anybody in Australia wanna buy a museum in California? Honestly I don’t know either. The final price was $560,000,000,000 that is worth more than any house in the world. Would you keep it as an old museum or turn it into a breath-taking house.

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The Explosive Bomb

“Explosive, did u not think that through!” Exclaimed Jemima

“Well I did but I also didn’t,” Said Jorja.

“What’s going on guys, how you all been,” I said as I walked in with swagger.

“Not much to be honest,” Replied Jorja.

“Not much, not much, is that really what you have to say!” Jemima screamed with such shock that Jorja could say not much when the boat was about to explode.

“What do you mean, why are you yelling, is something bad about to happen?” I said starting to worry.



Faster Than The Record

“Absolutely phenomenal” I say shaking my head with disbelief.

“It’s incredible, almost impossible and she’s only 11.”

“No child should be able to run that fast.” I turn and say to Mia with a shocked expression.

“The record has been broken an amazing run from Jorja beck with a time of 13.65 seconds, that’s another record for her.” The announcer said with such pride that such a young girl was ready to build her own path in the athletic world.

To this day Jorja has three records under her name and goes up to Adelaide to compete in the 100m sprints.

“Absolutely phenomenal.”

Next time I will

Saturday night what could possibly go wrong.

I have decided to through a party for my sisters 10th birthday, I’m going to invite all of her friends and surprise her with a new puppy. It was going to be a big effort, but it had to be done. I wasn’t quite sure who her friends were and where I was going to get a puppy. It is going to be the best birthday ever.

Finally the day of the party. I hadn’t invited any of her friends, and there was no puppy. Next time i will not make promises I can’t keep. Absolute disaster.

Soldiers ready for WW3

Life was hard during the pandemic; things got cancelled, people got locked inside, it was a hectic time. People were ready for the next big thing. WW3. The only thing holding that back was that soldiers weren’t aloud out of their homes. It would be physically impossible. The government discussed how it was going to work. They ended up not going ahead with war and decided to put a statue in memory of the time humans decided to hold peace and not fight. Millions of people were happy, but a few were disappointed they decided to graffiti the statue in anger.

Just Imagine the Worst

“Which ah way ah to ah the ah shops ah ah” it panted

“Augh what the, what are you” I screamed in slight shock with a lot of horror.

Eyes a big as a basketball, hands as small as a mouse, body as black as the night sky, scales as tough as a rock.

“Just ah tell ah me” still panting

“Ummmm, I think you go right then left then take another left and it should be on the right” I was shaking, sweat was dripping down my face I was about to scream for help when all of a sudden he was gone. What was it?



“I didn’t realise they could fly, I thought there wings were to short” said the babysitter. “Well look what you have done all the chickens have escaped and now my kids wont be able to have a pet” exclaimed the mother to 5 children.” Your fired” screamed the mum ” Wait what that is not fair you should have chopped there wings” screamed the babysitter ” Well bad luck goodbye” yelled the mum “I didn’t even like you anyway” said the babysitter. These two adults had been fighting about chickens for the last few hours and nobody really cared about the chickens they were just bickering. It was useless.

War Tower

A war tower

A lighthouse

A statue

I don’t know what it could be I think it is a lighthouse but it doesn’t have a lookout so I’m now thinking that it is a war tower. Ok I’m going with the war tower. I walk over towards the tower and run my hand along the side it was rough and dusty. It had thousands of bullet shots through that managed to let you see right through to the other side. It was interesting it gave me a 1970’s vibe even though the war was way before then. What could it be?