The Magical Dream

Gradually things started to move cupboards were rolling in circles, books were everywhere it was like a magical dream. As I stepped into the closet I fell down and down and down. It was a long fall as I hit the floor I looked up and down, I was in a crate on the sea I could hear noises of animals, an elephant, giraffe, monkeys and squirrels I counted to ten while doing my in and out breathing, I blinked and there I was in a swimming pool doing pool exercises, it almost felt like a real dream. was it really a dream I wonder?

2 thoughts on “The Magical Dream

  1. Hi Eliza,

    I enjoyed reading your story and imagining the books falling and the animals in the water. I’ve got a feeling that it was a dream, but maybe not?

    Well done in using the prompt, which was a bit of a tricky one this week.

    Make sure that you remember to use full stops so that it’s clear where your sentences start and end.

    Great job!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. You told a very vivid story, I could imagine the movement, the spaces, in my mind (even before the sea floor) I was imagining lots of blues. I did struggle a bit with the animal noises as I have no idea what a giraffe or a squirrel sounds like… but that could just be me. I was also a bit confused by the ‘real’ dream… but I did like that you left it open to the readers imagination.

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