mean school

It was 11:15am at one of the meanest schools. I wanted to move schools so bad but I just couldn’t, there was mean girls and mean boys, and one of the meanest principals ever. “are you okay”, a soft voice came from behind me “I just want to be alone so leave me alone” I yelled quite meanly, “sorry I was just trying to help” she said a little upset. I was certain I had heard that voice before. If I tried to apologize she might forgive me. Was this really the only way to move schools or would I stay here and still have friends?

sinking sand

Driving along listening to really really loud music with my invisible friend Jonney winker. I met Jonney winker when I was jumping off a cliff at black fellow caves. I jumped, but before I hit the water I heard a voice screaming and saw a massive splash. I swam really fast with such shock but he just kept swimming I got out of the water and talked back to him. Anyway that’s how I met Jonney winker. We were driving past a sign we took no notice of it. BANG!!!!, we had hit a lot of sinking sand. What were we going to do how were we going to get home?

are you smart when you’re online

  1. why is it important to be safe online

it is important to stay safe online and try not to share to much data and personal details when your online a lot            of bad stuff can happen if you share to much data bad things might happen to you if it does you must tell a                    responsible adult

2.    list 5 steps you can currently take to be safe online

  • don’t share your personal data
  • stick to stuff your aloud to play
  • use stuff age appropriate
  • use it appropriately
  • don’t bully other people

3.   what can happen if you are not safe online

  •  you can get hacked
  • you can get emotional hurt
  • you can get bullied