Frozen rubber

Why is there a sound in the freezer you may ask. As soon as I shut the door to come inside everything was gone, except for one thing, a frozen rubber it had stripped blocks of ice on top and a shimmery puddle of water around it. My day was already hectic but it just got weird. I looked back outside and it was already twilight I then shut the door looked at the rubber looked back opened the door and it was morning again. It was actually kind of exciting it was weird I felt excited about it. What was this rubber doing here?

Cactus suprise

“A yellow smelly cactus, what are you talking about” said Shay.

“No you forgot it was holding an umbrella” I replied back.

“But how could that happen while I was taking a picture of the zebra” Shay said back.

“Okay I know it sounds weird but it’s true, it’s really true, it walked straight past me” I said looking backwards and forwards.

“So let me put this straight whilst I was taking a picture of this zebra you saw a yellow smelly cactus holding an umbrella” Shay said.

“Yep spot on” I said.

“That’s just crazy” shay replied with exhaustion.

Locked away

“Well it started with me walking down the street last night because my mum had drove off on me, because we had a fight so I tried walking home. When I got to the street a guy rocked up, and said jump in i’ll take you home so I hopped in and he came and locked me up in this room there that good enough story Lizzy” said Bella.

“Yeah close enough” I said back.

But when I looked behind me there laid this sick little scrawny rat.

“YUCK” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Hopefully nobody heard that otherwise we were gone.

the stage fright

“Now entering the stage Shaylah and Cole”, said the director.

Then the crowd erupted with laughter, as Shaylah ran off stage with such embarrassment Cole turned and look with tears running down his face he was never going to get her friendship back.

Two weeks ago they had been chosen to do a replacement for two of her friends. Her younger brother chose to do a relatable comedy act, the thing was Cole and shaylah had the biggest stage fright. As shaylah ran off the stage Cole looked with major guilt, what was he going to do to get shaylah to forgive him what really happened?