The Lost Viola

I can’t believe it I have lost my viola for the fifth time this month, last time I had found it my sister had it under her bed. I have searched for the whole morning I can’t find it.

“I’m really sorry but I still can’t find your viola” my mum whimpered

“If I can’t find it I could go to the store and buy you a new one but it may not have the same ancient, gold look” my younger sister said willingly

I walked off with no response I was never going to find my viola. What was I going to do without it?

Dinner Party

It’s 5:53 I was at a diner party with my parents, but it wasn’t just any dinner party it was my dads boss, that meant that I had to have impeccable manners this was going to be hard.

“Fizzy how are your grades going at school” said Jamie the bosses wife

that’s when I knew I should run. The thing is my grades get worse and worse everyday the worst thing of all is that my parents don’t know that we have grades at middle school, the reason my parents don’t know is because I throw my report in the bin. How will I get out of this?