Halloween haybales (chapter 1)

it was the night of Halloween I lived on a farm. there were stories that the kids at school would tell me. one of the stories was, at exactly 1:03 the moving Halloween haybales would come alive. they moved in an odd shape  it was kinda like wobbly but straight ish well not exactly the scare crows will come alive to the farm house was already haunted but we still added decorations for the out back dinner with the scare crow. the scare crow and the haybale have something in common but i don’t know what that’s what the paper said.

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The Magical Dream

Gradually things started to move cupboards were rolling in circles, books were everywhere it was like a magical dream. As I stepped into the closet I fell down and down and down. It was a long fall as I hit the floor I looked up and down, I was in a crate on the sea I could hear noises of animals, an elephant, giraffe, monkeys and squirrels I counted to ten while doing my in and out breathing, I blinked and there I was in a swimming pool doing pool exercises, it almost felt like a real dream. was it really a dream I wonder?

The weekend story

MR and Mrs furnish lived on the end of the street. They were roughly 80 – 85 years old. They were never outside and never made a sound. They were the only house that didn’t have kids, had dead rose bushes on the middle of the drive way and loads of parcels at the front door. There door had a do not disturb sign on the handle, but you could barley read it there was mold all over it. Rumors have been going round for years now that they no longer live, I have been starting to believe that is true. I have this gut feeling to go inside the house. Will I or will I not?