The Fresh Mystery

“What a lovely morning fresh air, fresh water and fresh grass it couldn’t get any better”, my sister said laying on a mat reading a book.

“I know such an amazing view we are so lucky”, my little brother said with excitement.

Wait a second what is Rufus barking at, theirs no one around, theirs nothing in the water and theirs nothing near us that would scare him Rufus came back slowly with a bloodshot look in his eyes. He arrived and sat next to me with and incessant panting noise it was painful to listen to, what was there.

Stink Pet

At exactly 2:33pm, my mom was going to bring in my pet raccoon, but turns out my mum was going to be super late it was now 2:40pm, the kids were getting restless I was slowly getting more and more humiliated.

“Oi kid when you bringing in your stink pet” said James in a teasing voice.

“Yeah, I agree with James get a move on” said Benjamin screaming meanly.

My raccoon lived in a moldy box on top of a chair he loved playing with leaves in fact a leaf was the most interesting thing for him he would blow them into the sky and watch them float down. My mom finally got there it was a relief to me.

Feeling Bored

Every single day, over and over again the teacher would run his fingers down the old black rusty chalkboard grating his nails lower and lower. Thousands of kids piled into this small hall and in seconds every kid was asleep except for me and my friends, who just lay there with their eyes wide open. I came up with an amazing idea: we were going to sneak home! We got up and started walking… Screeeech! The nails ran down on the chalkboard and deafening screams echoed through the cold night: kids started running crazily, it was almost like a nightmare.

We had to get out of there!

Into The Night

Pitch black, bright stars, glowing moon. What a perfect night to camp out in the bush. It will be so calming hearing the wolfs how and the owls hoot. It will be the most amazing night of my life. Packing the swags in the car and driving off to the bush. We arrive in the middle of the scrub, my parents start setting up the stuff, my mom said go and grab the fire wood for the fire. Off we went WE DISAPPEARED INTO THE NIGHT leaving a trail of rocks so we now were to go to head back. I look behind me and there was no rocks they had all rolled on to the side of the tracks what were we going to do we were lost.